UK – UofL Rivalry Causes Fight at Dialysis Clinic

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Rivalries are intense, and if you need a reminder this week, two men got into an altercation at a dialysis clinic on Monday.

WKYT-TV reports that Police were called to Georgetown Dialysis Clinic, but arrived after things had calmed down.

Apparently, Charles Taylor was talking to another man while he waited to get his treatment, and was sharing his opinion about the Kentucky-Louisville game in Saturday’s NCAA Tournament. As a Louisville fan, he thought the Cardinals were going to win. However, Kentucky fan Ed Wilson disagreed, and thought Taylor was “running his mouth”, so he told him to shut up. Taylor says that he was talking to someone else, but when Wilson spoke up and followed the comment with “the finger”, he walked over and struck Wilson.

Wilson said he was hooked up to the dialysis machine, and couldn’t do anything. Although he said he’s sorry the incident happened, he still hopes that the Wildcats win the game.

Georgetown Police say that this is the first time they’ve been called to a dialysis clinic for a fist-fight, but since no charges were filed, they consider the case closed.

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