Listen Now To Drita From VH1’s Mob Wives On The Electric Morning Show!

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Drita is a hot-tempered Albanian who married into the mob much to the chagrin of her straight-laced immigrant family. Her husband Lee was part of the New Springville Boys gang and is currently in prison for robbing a Staten Island bank. While she’s been married to Lee for 12 years, she’s only been able to spend 2 years with him due to his crime sprees and jail time. She is currently in the process of divorcing him after discovering his infidelity in season one.
Interview with Drita D’Avanzo from VH1’s Mob Wives! by Mitch Myers
Last season, “Mob Wives” gave viewers an unfiltered look into the closed-door society of Renee, Karen, Carla and Drita, four, struggling “allegedly” associated women who have to pick up the pieces and carry on while their husbands or fathers do time for Mob-related activities.  United by a bond which few understand, the women are all struggling with their identities and their futures as they raise their kids as single parents in the New York City area. 

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