4 People You Don’t Want As Neighbors

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Neighbors. Gotta love em…well not really. Some live closer than others, and occasionally can cause problems. Feel free to share your horror stories below and check out the list of 4 neighbors you don’t want anywhere near you.

4. The Neighbor Who Does Weird Stuff Out In The Open


Living in close proximity leaves you open to the most intimidate aspects of anothers routine. More often than not that’s a bad thing. Take this kid, who dons a ninja suit and practices twirling swords to the Black Eyed Peas every day. Hey at least he’s not naked.

3. The Neighbor Who Hoardes…Her Dead Husband


Hoarding is a nightmare for anyone remotely involved. The mess, the smell, the mess…the mess. Sometimes people can’t let go of their things…or in this case loved ones. I do kind of feel bad for this woman as she probably had a very tramatic time with letting go of her husband, but c’mon, that’s what urn’s are for.

2. The Neighbor That Steals Your Wi-fi.

Stealing Wi-Fi. What’s the harm right? Identity theft,  it’s cheap, illegal…and oh yeah IT’S MINE! Probably the newest neighborly crime of the 21st century, not password protecting your Wi-Fi can slow your connection, leave your information open, and give the free loaders the oppurtunity to look up obscene things under your name. Anyway public service rant over, this above video of this girl trying to figure out how to steal her neighbors internet is hilarious.

1. The Neighbor That Pees On Your House As You Film Them…And Then Denies It.


Perhaps the epitome of bad neighbors is the crazy stupid neighbor. We all have a story for that individual, and if we had filmed it like this guy did, we’d have something for the world to laugh at too.

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