Mystery Monday! Guess What Song I Drew For Bruno Mars Latest Album!

You've probably already guessed tonight's song! If you got it text me at 270-883-2TXT with the title and artist! One of you will be randomly selected to win Bruno Mars latest album "Unorthodox Jukebox"! Good Luck!  
Just A Bear Playing A Trumpet…No Big Deal

Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it. This guy has this bear trained down to a T...well enough not to get his face eaten off. Check out the video to see the trumpet playing bear!
Mystery Monday! Win Bruno Mars CD By Guessing The Song!

Today's Mystery Monday is a little difficult...but if it helps it's a song we play pretty often at Electric 96.9!  Think you know the song and the artist? Text me at 270-883-2TXT and you could win Bruno Mars new CD! Take a guess and listen in tonight at ten for clues and to hear if you're our big winner!  
Mystery Monday! Win Bruno Mars New CD!

Want Bruno Mars' new cd Unorthodox Jukebox? Figure out what song I just drew and text me at 270-883-2TXT with the answer! One winner will be randomly selected and be emailed a free digital download! Having trouble? I'll be giving clues tonight at 10!
Kid Schools Grown Man In Breakdancing!

Okay maybe "grown man" is a bit of a strong word, as most grown men would I dunno, not dedicate their lives to being an extra on You Got Served...but the age difference is there for sure. This kid not only makes him look like a clown, but might be the best break dancer I've ever seen in my life. That would probably mean a lot more if I haven't lived in small cities my
Great Now I’m Scarred For Life

  Watch this 8 second video and I promise it'll change your life...seriously. Probably one of the funniest things I've seen on the Internet.  
Hear What “Get Lucky” Would Sound Like In Different Time Periods

Found this cool little video on the web a couple days ago doing covers of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" if they were created in different time periods. My personal favorite is the 80's version! It's spot on! The real question though...does it still sound like they are saying "Mexican monkey"? You be the judge!
MYSTERY MONDAY: Win Bruno Mars New CD!

  Mystery Monday! Your chance to win Bruno Mars new album begins with this picture! Comment below with what song I drew and one winner will be selected at random and announced tonight! Comment below and listen to Hot Electric Nights to hear if you're our big winner!
Buzzard Rock Marina To Get A Reality Show?!

Supposedly it's a possibility that Buzzard Rock Marina may be getting a reality series based on reports by West Kentucky Star.  The show is being developed by the star of TruTv's Southern Fried Stings Jay Russell. Those who may be interested in being on the show they are holding a casting call May 25th at  11:00 am. People who use the marina regularly are highly encouraged to come out and interview! Check out a clip from Southern Fried Stings  and tell me
Hunter Grabs Bird Out Of Air With Bare Hands!

  Everyone this guy knows would call BS if it wasn't caught on film. Apparently this guy doesn't need a gun when he goes hunting. Guys how awesome is this dude? Ladies, be honest, you want a man like that.