Watch Hippies Try To Stop Each Other With Their Minds…And Fail.

  Wanna see why you don't deal in the New Age culture? Look no further than this clip from Three Miles North of Molkom. Here we have many people from the counter culture learning to "focus their energy" to create a forcefield...yeah. Some are successful (I guess) and one woman gets absolutely demolished. Like face to the sand. Hard. It's brutal. Check it out below.  
4 People You Don’t Want As Neighbors

Neighbors. Gotta love em...well not really. Some live closer than others, and occasionally can cause problems. Feel free to share your horror stories below and check out the list of 4 neighbors you don't want anywhere near you. 4. The Neighbor Who Does Weird Stuff Out In The Open   Living in close proximity leaves you open to the most intimidate aspects of anothers routine. More often than not that's a bad thing. Take this kid, who dons
See Cheesy Video Of Holiday World In The 1980’s

    Meet Frankie and Annette, two teenie-boppers from the 50's just kickin it in....1989? I'm not really sure at all what's going on in these videos. They park the Cadillac at the front entrance, breeze right past the line of people, and don't even pay?! There's many things about this late 80's Holiday World video that don't make any sense, but it is really cool to see the difference between the park then and now. In this
Drunk Guy Has Surprising Dance Skills

Usually when a drunk person hits the dance floor it doesn't end well, in fact almost never. This kid, "Duigs", made it classy though. In fact those moves might be better than most of the sober people in attendance! Watch Duigs kill it below.  

Here it is. The new tune from Billy Reed & The Polyester Pincushions! It the official "unofficial" song of the quilt show in Paducah. [caption id="attachment_3809" align="alignleft" width="150"] Courtesy of Freemotionquilting.blogspot.com[/caption]                 Quilt Shop            
5 Crazy Quilts You Need To See

We are well into the Quilt Expo here in Paducah, and while the showing at this year has yielded some awesome "traditional" quilts..I think these raise the bar a bit.   TUPAC QUILT [caption id="attachment_3804" align="aligncenter" width="350"] Created by Kailee Dudley. Courtesy of Spencer Museum of Art[/caption] QUILT LIFE! Tupac ain't dead, he's on this quilt and looking fly as ever. This quilt will keep you warm, and improve your street cred. Be warned though, it's not bullet-proof. Check